LED Digital Display

Illuminate your message

Most signage is prominent by day and dim by night. Our LED Signs are the nocturnal option that’ll keep your message bright even in the dead of night. Visible from afar, no matter the time of day, LED signs are fast becoming the obvious answer for dynamic, attention-grabbing and cost-effective signage. Build a recognisable and effective brand round the clock.

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Product Description

The Signfix difference

LEDs are a no-brainer for illuminated signage. With lower environmental impact, a price that’ll keep your pockets full and a suite of colours and sizes, there’s a LED solution to suit your must-haves. Offering impressive design and longevity they can often be installed without an electrician. Their versatility means smaller lightboxes can be used to create incredible illuminated effects behind the scene without messing with the look of your sign. Light up any message; they make a great match for retail, shopfronts and showrooms in high traffic areas.

Tips for caring for your LED sign

Make sure you choose the right type of LED lighting and signage to avoid operating issues. Regular maintenance of the power source is required. Make a point to regularly tag and test the lights.