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Product Description

Your brand. Your vehicle. Consistent. Everywhere.

If we asked you to name the most cost-effective form of advertising that there is, do you think you would have said television? Radio? Maybe the local newspapers or outdoor advertising like billboards? Nope – it’s vehicle signage. What other once-off advertising investments last up to 5 years and are seen almost 24/7? The cost per impression of vehicle signage is lower than any other form of advertising. We know that your brand is your biggest asset, and you need it to be represented the same way wherever it is (we’re a big brand too, and we know how important it is!).

Wherever you have a vehicle, we have a store!

Through our network of stores, we can manage your fleet graphics vehicle branding nationwide through one single point of contact. Easy for you, allowing you to get back to running your business while we take care of the coordination. At Signfix, we’ve been experts in managing the signage on fleets of vehicles for years. Through our 100-strong network of stores, we can manage the colors and printing in one place and then swing our team across Nigeria into action.