Awning and fascia signs
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Awning & Fascia Signs

Awning & Fascia Signs

Big and bold, awning and fascia signs are like a map of the businesses on a high-street or strip mall for people walking or driving by. Quite simply, if your business doesn’t stand out in the streetscape, it’s very hard for people to find you. You might have the best products in town, but without highly visible signage, it’s very difficult to bring people in the door. Typically metal with digitally printed graphics, awning and fascia signs are front and centre, reminding people who you are, what you do and where to find you.

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Product Description

 Choosing the right design and material for your awning & fascia sign takes some know-how. It depends on the shape and position of your shop front, the type of message you want to convey and who you are trying to reach. We are experts in making sure your sign will be seen, understood and stand the test of time.

Select From:

  • Illumination – Be seen by night time traffic
  • Graphics – Logos and imagery
  • 3D lettering – For a high-end feel

Your Signfix signage experts

Awning and Fascia Signs are invaluable in cementing your business’s presence. Continued improvements in signage materials and technologies mean there’s a stack of flexibility when it comes to the shape, design and illumination options for these outdoor signs. Our expert signage consultants are here to assist you in achieving the right sign for your needs and location.